Archives for January 2012

Recommend Products To Your Visitors

We now have a simple and easy way for you to recommend related products to your shoppers when they are viewing a product. This works similar to how Amazon is setup where your shoppers are shown a series of related products when they are viewing the product detail. The idea is to provide more options […]

How To Cancel Your Service

While we hate to see you move on without us, we want to make sure you know exactly what steps to follow when canceling your service. There is already a quick tutorial on this in the Knowledge Base but I’m going to go through the steps again right now with a bit more detail. Step […]

FREE Domain Names

When you first create your account with us you will be given a temporary subdomain to use for as long as you like but once you’ve activated your account by making your first payment you become eligible for a free domain name that we will register for you. The process is pretty simple as all […]