3 Reasons to Add Social Bookmarks to Your Ecommerce Website

Social Media isn’t just about connecting with old classmates or posting photo’s anymore. It is an ideal marketing space for businesses, especially ecommerce websites. Social Bookmarks are simple tabs an ecommerce website can add to their pages to link to their personal Facebook account, Twitter feed, linked in page, and more. They can be displayed in a million different ways. Not only are social bookmarks effective, but often times they’re free.

1. Community Chatter

Ecommerce websites aren’t linear businesses, they work based on connections and so should all of their marketing tools. Social Bookmarks allow e-commerce websites to make immediate connections to their surrounding communities, based on who they’re “friends” with, linked to, liked by and followed by.  An ecommerce website with social bookmarks suddenly has network of connections with other websites, that by default, create networked communities. If a few people in one community electronically “like” a product or service, all members of their community not only see that product, but see the other community members recommendation.  Social media bookmarks make the connection one click closer.

2.  “Like” at First Site

An ecommerce website visitor may be bombarded by tons of products, tons of offers, advertisements, and other links. Facebook has over 400 million users worldwide. What social bookmarks do for a customer is provide them with something familiar, that they are statistically already a part of, quick, and organized in a way they already understand. An e-commerce company with social media bookmarks is appealing to the generation that e-commerce was created for, not to mention the parents and grandparents that are increasingly using these same tools.  Your followers will start out as strangers and end up as trusted customers who are more willing to do business with someone endorsed by their peers through these simple online connections.

3.  Free (Active) Marketing Interns

It doesn’t cost an e-commerce company anything to make a Facebook page or Twitter account and then quickly link them to a website. By simply having your company name, a brief description, and maybe a few monthly updates, you can make millions of connections with other business and customers. By having those all-important social bookmarks your e-commerce company’s linked in page is now connected back to the site where customers can actually purchase what you are selling.  And customers can easily get back to those pages though the social bookmarks to “like” the product or service they just bought.  Your customers are your new marketing interns, running all over the Internet handing out fliers to potential clients . . . for fun!  This is also, like any ecommerce business, an extremely active market. This isn’t a static billboard you see as you drive, a commercial you change the channel to ignore, or that advertisement on the side of a laptop screen, it consists of status updates, photo uploads, and constant new links from people you already know and trust. It also isn’t a pop-up ad visitors instantly “x” out of, they want to follow your business through social media, so let them!