3 Top Design Trends a Website Builder Can Deliver

The internet has become a crucial component of our everyday lives. Used for everything from communication, business, education and leisure, we count on the websites we use to deliver content and services that are relevant. The very nature of the internet is amorphous and ever-changing, so it is important for website builder services to keep on top of current design trends.

Top Website Design Trends
Responsiveness Design
With mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones becoming a popular way to interact online, responsiveness design has become one of the top website design trends. Focusing on reducing scrolling and re-sizing the webpage during navigation, responsiveness aims to provide ease of viewing across the full spectrum of devices. It’s safe to assume that responsiveness design is becoming less of a trend and more of a staple of good website design.  While responsive design is handy, some web site builders simply auto-generate a mobile friendly version of your site that provides the same basic results.

Flat UI
Best described as a minimalist design paradigm, flat user interface (or flat UI) is another fast growing trend. Eliminating any stylistic design choices, flat UI instead focuses on simple colors and plain typography. This results in a more streamlined webpage that loads quickly across varying devices. This is due to the non-complicated design elements that are easily translated into different browser sizes, suited to varying mobile devices.

Video Content
Did you know that according to the National US Library of Medicine, the average adult attention span is only 8 seconds long? Obviously, people are becoming accustomed to instant gratification, wanting to spend the minimum amount of time necessary to obtain the information they are seeking. Thus, embedded video content is fast becoming a top trend of web design. The trend suggests people prefer to consume information through interactive and video media content. Your webpage may lose visitors if they realize that they can get the same information elsewhere through a video experience.

Who is on the Cutting Edge of Trendy Web Design?
Now that you’ve learned about a few of the hottest trends in web design, who do you hire to incorporate these elements into your website?  With the wide range of website builders available there is at least one builder that can deliver on each of these design styles but not any one that is going to satisfy all your needs 100%.  You need to first prioritize what features matter most to you and then shop based on that list, don’t compromise on your core needs just to have a fancy widget or effect as design trends are just that, trends.