5 Ways to Collect Testimonials and Reviews

Business owners build credibility when they utilize one of the following five ways to collect testimonials and reviews. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, placing customer commentary in a public forum reduces the doubt that typically accompanies unknown products and services. Merchants can generate beneficial feedback by embracing a hands-on approach or using methods that are more passive.

1. Website Submissions

Favorable client responses collected via email and listed on an official company website can work wonders. Marketing experts recommend using a layout that facilitates extended browsing. Traditional layouts listed reviews on a single page, but current designs place noteworthy commentary in areas that receive the most views during a normal browsing session. This approach works especially well when combined with web optimization techniques that help increase a company’s virtual profile.

2. Google Plus

Composed mainly of Facebook refugees, Google Plus reviews exposes businesses to an entirely different social media crowd. Experts recommend a solid Local listing to lure in the immediate community while piquing national curiosity. Like other approaches to obtaining testimonials, owners must reach out to clients and request submissions. Interacting with other Google Plus members and mastering the art of Hangouts forms additional positive business relationships.

3. Yelp

Close to 86 million people visit Yelp on a monthly basis and site listings sometimes receive a higher search engine ranking than official company websites. Business features allow owners to check page views, upload photos and interact with people, an excellent method of displaying customer service skills in the event of a negative review. Businesses can solicit client testimonials, but the site does its best to filter material deemed salacious and items that seem suspicious will never see daylight.

4. Facebook Fan Pages

Over 1 billion people have an active Facebook account, making the social media platform one of the most valuable forms of free business marketing. Fan pages focus on a product or service, while eliminating the need for personal information. Owners friend clients and create dialogue about their products and services. Page links easily forward to other potential customers, creating favorable product buzz. As an added benefit, Facebook pages receive favorable search engine ratings, easily increasing company profiles.

5. Actively Solicit Feedback

An owner who is actively seeking testimonials has their choice of two options. Fledgling companies can hit the streets to retain subjects known as Beta Testers. Beta testing involves providing goods or services in exchange for an honest opinion. Individuals with a slightly larger budget may wish to outsource their testimonial needs to a company that specializes in consumer testing. Either approach generates multiple responses that companies can utilize later.

The most experienced marketing agencies remind clients that incentives are sometimes required to obtain quality testimonials. Even the happiest customer may not write a review unless they receive compensation for their efforts in the form of gift certificates, gifts or significant discounts. As a final note, owners need to remember that quality and not quantity helps their product stand out when it comes to customer reviews.