Easily Add Sub-Menus To Your Website

Our programmers have been working hard to add the features you request most and the newest feature to be released allows you to easily add sub-menus to the main menu! Once you have added all the pages you want on your website, surf to the “organize menu” option in the sidebar and it contains simple directions for managing your menu. From that page you can choose to hide pages from the main menu, change the order of the menu options and now… set a page as a submenu option.

What do sub-menus mean for you?
For website owners running an e-commerce store you can now easily create sub-menu links to your product categories instead of using the older “links” page. This feature can be used to easily organize the content of your website and make it very user-friendly for your visitors to find the information they’re looking for.

As always, if you’re having trouble getting this feature to work how you want it to you can call support during our normal hours and I’ll walk you through it.