FREE Domain Names

When you first create your account with us you will be given a temporary subdomain to use for as long as you like but once you’ve activated your account by making your first payment you become eligible for a free domain name that we will register for you. The process is pretty simple as all […]

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook now has a Twitter page and a Facebook page. You can find us on Facebook at and on Twitter as WebsitesNOWnet. By choosing to “like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter you will be the first to be notified of updates from our blog. We use the blog to inform you about […]

New design templates on the way!

Some big changes are right around the corner. Soon the design template system will be updated with all new templates and a new manager that will give you increased control over how your website looks. During this transition there will be a period where the 1,700 templates available will be reduced by a few hundred […]

How to Set Up a Twitter Account for Your Business and Why It’s a Good Idea

Twitter is a free service that you can use to easily promote your business and gain access to high-level individuals that you might otherwise never be able to reach. CEOs, best-selling authors, actors and celebrities interact with their followers on Twitter, giving you the opportunity to make your business known not only to the public […]

How Meta Tags Affect Your Search Engine Listings

Meta tags are snippets of information written into the HTML code of a website. Rather than being visible content for readers, meta tags are aimed directly at search engines. Meta tags provide a title for a website, a description of the site’s content, and instructions on how search engines like Google should display search results. […]