How to submit a website to Yahoo!

In an effort to attract as many quality visitors as possible you will want to submit your website to Yahoo!’s index. The process is fairly simple and requires just a few steps but Yahoo! is unique in that it requires you to log in to your Yahoo! account in order to submit your website. Once […]

How to submit a website to Bing

Bing is rapidly becoming a popular search engine and definitely worth getting indexed in, so here’s a quick tutorial on just how to do that. 1. Surf to 2. Enter the security code (this is to ensure you are a human) 3. Enter the full URL for the website you want indexed (eg: 4. […]

How to submit a website to Google

Once you have your website setup and have added all your content you should submit your website url to Google soon after. You can submit your website address whenever you like but it is best to have your website complete so Google doesn’t index your homepage with “under construction” on it. It won’t help to […]