Do you need to create your own product thumbnails?

One nice thing about how our system works is that you don’t need to have any experience editing images and photos.  It can be difficult to use programs like Photoshop to edit your product images when all you need is to create a smaller/thumbnail image to use in your product category listing.  We’ve made it […]

Using To Build Your Social Media Presence

What is AddThis? AddThis is a sharing tool that allows you to connect to hundreds of social media networks at the same time. With its tools, you can boost traffic to your social media website profiles and help to gain more followers. From Facebook to Pinterest, AddThis makes it easier for your readers to share […]

Ecommerce Trends In 2012

Ecommerce continues to grow exponentially as millions of customers incorporate digital technologies into their daily lives. One of the key factors driving ecommerce in 2012 is the extensive and expanding mobile market. Targeted and personalized marketing has evolved through the popularity of Facebook and Twitter. The continued interest in smart phones and tablets has also played […]

PayPal vs Merchant Accounts

So you’ve finally decided to get your new business online… you have your website up, product ready, marketing tweaked, and now all you have to do is wait for the orders to roll in. But wait, you still need a way to process those online orders. For most people, the decision falls between using PayPal […]

3 Things To Consider When Building An Online Business

Building an online business is a highly promising undertaking although uncountable number of entrepreneurs have ventured into it and failed.  To build a successful business one needs to focus on building web traffic and focus less on making money. Initially an online business may seem to be demanding a lot of work and costs yet […]