Easily Add a Blog to Your Website Now

Our programmers have been hard at work developing the features you’ve requested most and recently they launched the new Blog page. This new feature allows you to add a Blog to your website with a single click and then let’s you control how the titles and other components are displayed. Font size, type and style […]

Domain Names Explained

There are only a few options when deciding how to display your website address to your visitors. A website url may look simple to the viewer, but it is actually comprised of a very organized system. Custom domains, subdirectories and subdomains are all available for those that want to build their own little space on […]

How to get your website listed on Google Places for Business

In today’s world it is becoming increasingly hard for business owners to advertise their business to potential customers. Luckily there is a solution and it’s called Google Places for Business. Google Places is a website that is used to connect business owners with potential customers, both online and in person. Many have heard of this […]

3 Reasons to Add Social Bookmarks to Your Ecommerce Website

Social Media isn’t just about connecting with old classmates or posting photo’s anymore. It is an ideal marketing space for businesses, especially ecommerce websites. Social Bookmarks are simple tabs an ecommerce website can add to their pages to link to their personal Facebook account, Twitter feed, linked in page, and more. They can be displayed […]

FAQ: Can I use my existing domain name with the InstantEcom service?

Our InstantEcom e-commerce website building software allows you to use a custom domain name of your choice. We know you expect your website to show up like other websites so you can either register a custom domain name for FREE with us or use a domain name you already own. What confuses people sometimes is […]