Is Your Business Ready For 2014?

You built a fantastic website in 2013 and are reaping the rewards of a job well done. Profits may be up, but your website and Internet presence should be constantly monitored and altered to keep up with the modern world’s rapid pace. With 2014 upon us, now is a perfect time to sit up and analyze your web page. There are several items you should concentrate on to make your website the hottest destination of the year.

Blog More
Blogs may have started out as basic web diaries, but they are now used for SEO content and critical user communication. If a product has a recall, for example, your blog can instantly offer information about returns and repairs. As customers read this information, they can travel to other parts of your site. Sales potential is high as long as visitors are constantly driven to your site. Update your blog at least weekly, but preferably more often. If you do not have the manpower to write a consistent blog, hire the work out to an SEO content site. For a small investment, you can quickly add more customers to your list with updated blogs.

Resolve Technical Issues
Did your website go down a lot this year? Every new website has its infancy issues, but consistent problems need a permanent fix. Ask your IT professionals to analyze common problems in the system. It is possible that you need improved servers or components to prevent traffic spikes on busy days. If you are looking to increase sales numbers next year, you must have a website that doesn’t drop users. Frustration drives customers to other websites that do not have technical issues. If you’re having trouble understanding the back end of your website, consider using a hosted web site builder service that manages the hosting and puts you in control of your website.

Providing links on your website allows other businesses to benefit from your traffic, and vice versa. However, search engines are beginning to downgrade websites that have random link groupings. Your ranking ends up at the bottom of the list if you have dozens of links on your website that are not relevant. Look through your links and keep only the ones that are part of your business. Click on each one to ensure that they are active. Nothing is more frustrating for a customer than to find a dead link on an otherwise professional website.

Traffic Analysis
Look through your website’s page information and find the high traffic areas. Analyze those pages to find their appeal. Forums, visual aids and diagrams may get a lot of hits on your website, for example, but a page full of pure, block text will be avoided like the plague. Traffic analysis allows you to see trends in customer’s habits. Once you pinpoint their attraction, you can enhance the rest of the site.

Be Social
Select a few key social websites that match your company’s culture, and add their corresponding social sharing buttons. When customers see an interesting blog or image, they can instantly share that information using the button. Websites that actively communicate through social media have a wider audience. Conversations begin and user names start trending. Because many people use social media for almost all personal and business contacts, your business can quickly boom with word-of-mouth.

The Internet is a fast-paced environment, allowing you to harness your customers through social media and well-designed websites. Take time out of your busy schedule to look over the website’s pages. Compare it to other sites in your industry to see any significant differences. That one design feature that you are missing could be the key to more customers and higher profits. Keep the site updated regularly with a pleasing style and customers are bound to visit often.