The Top Three Web Design Trends of 2015

Trends in web design tend to align with how Internet technology evolves. In 2015, the trends will follow the continued growth of the mobile device market. Being mobile friendly is no longer just another concern to add to the list. It has become imperative for all website owners because Google’s new incentive for offering a […]

3 Top Design Trends a Website Builder Can Deliver

The internet has become a crucial component of our everyday lives. Used for everything from communication, business, education and leisure, we count on the websites we use to deliver content and services that are relevant. The very nature of the internet is amorphous and ever-changing, so it is important for website builder services to keep […]

Web Designer, Website Builder or both?

In the modern era of web development, anyone can create a functional, visually attractive website. What was considered largely impossible just 20 years ago is now incredibly simple. However, what many fail to realize is that while using a website builder platform to create a website is a fantastic option, there is no replacement for […]

E-Commerce Website Builder Provider Comparison

It is cheaper and easier than ever for business owners to launch and manage their own e-commerce enabled website. The first step is to choose a web-hosting company that provide the features that you need at a price that meets your budget. With so many startups offering similar services at various prices, it might seem […]

Do You Need A Custom Built Website?

There’s no denying that a custom built website has a good deal of appeal. Seeing a site made to your exact specifications instills an enormous amount of pride and has the potential to draw in a lot of traffic. But is a custom built website really necessary? Could your goal be achieved by going to […]