What is the real price of this service?

One of the most common questions I get is, “how much does this really cost?”  Today I will clarify our pricing structure and some other questions related to the cost of this service and doing business through this service. For starters, our monthly price is $29.95 and that includes everything talked about on the website. […]

Domain Names Explained

There are only a few options when deciding how to display your website address to your visitors. A website url may look simple to the viewer, but it is actually comprised of a very organized system. Custom domains, subdirectories and subdomains are all available for those that want to build their own little space on […]

FAQ: Can I use my existing domain name with the InstantEcom service?

Our InstantEcom e-commerce website building software allows you to use a custom domain name of your choice. We know you expect your website to show up like other websites so you can either register a custom domain name for FREE with us or use a domain name you already own. What confuses people sometimes is […]