Is Google Still the King of Search?

Search engine optimization (SEO) professionals and Internet marketers pay close attention to search engine market share data reports, which are updated on a weekly and monthly basis. Search engine giant Google has been able to retain the lion’s share of the market since the early 21st century, but it is interesting to note that this […]

Top 4 Ways to Create Effective Content for Your Website

Thanks to sites like Blogger, WordPress and a host of user-friendly website builders, anyone can create a blog or website. However, with so many different sites out there, simply creating a website is no longer enough to get yourself noticed. That is why it is important to develop creative and effective content for your website. […]

5 Places to Insert Keywords for Optimal Results

Everyone knows keyword optimization is critical to search engine success. What everyone doesn’t know is how to properly use keywords. Many believe that simply by inserting target words and phrases into content, they have done their SEO part. To a certain extent, they have. Chances are search engines like Google and Yahoo will find the […]

An Introduction to Website Analytics

Website statistical tracking and analysis, otherwise known as analytics, has become a critical but often misunderstood component of our developing digital world. What Information Can be Tracked? The scope of analytical tracking is positively enormous. Data such as how many unique visits a certain web page receives, where those visitors are roughly from, geographically, how […]

A Guide To Google Search Results

There are many different types of search results on Google. The most common type is the “natural” search result. This is the list of links that take up most of the page and display the name of the webpage, its URL, and a “snippet”–a short preview of the page’s text. The most relevant results are […]