What is Google Places for Business?

What Is Google Places For Business? Most companies will do business locally. The typical business does more business with customers located in close proximity to their business. Google Places for business is a way for business to market on the local level to their potential customers. They can connect, solicit feedback, create offers and market […]

How To Create Urgency With Your Customers And Boost Your Search Engine Rankings

Have you ever been to a website with the intention of making a purchase and found yourself compelled to act immediately because of a “limited time offer?”  It is a very effective tactic used by e-commerce websites when they want you to get off the fence and make a purchase.  The offer can be framed […]

3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

2013 is upon us and everyone is looking to make changes to ensure a successful and prosperous year so here is a list of three easy ways you can improve your search engine rankings with just a few changes to your web site.  The easiest, but most often overlooked, way to move above your competition […]

Do you qualify for a $10,000/month grant from Google?

If you are a non-profit and looking for ways to spread the word about your organization, Google now offers grants that provide you with a monthly fund to use on Adwords.  You fill out the necessary forms and Google will contact you with their decision.  Once you have been accepted you are eligible for up […]

How Meta Tags Affect Your Search Engine Listings

Meta tags are snippets of information written into the HTML code of a website. Rather than being visible content for readers, meta tags are aimed directly at search engines. Meta tags provide a title for a website, a description of the site’s content, and instructions on how search engines like Google should display search results. […]