5 E-commerce Trends For 2014

With the explosive popularity of mobile devices, e-commerce stands to expand even further and faster. Some of the hottest trends in online commerce rely on the increasing ubiquity of smart phones and tablets. Here are just five of the latest trends. Personalization Even though online retailers have been using personalization for several years now, based […]

Review of Weebly Web Site Builder

(advertisement) Weebly Review Weebly is a website builder that allows you to create a website for free. It has a variety of features that let you add many advanced capabilities to your site. It’s quite popular among people who have no programming background, as it uses a point-and-click process that anyone can use. Basic Features […]

Custom Web Design for a Great Price

The internet is becoming a more and more important part of the business and the personal world. Everyone and their cat, it seems, has their own blog or website. And while it is vital for your business to have its own place on the web, it can also be easy for your site to lost […]

M-Commerce: What Is It and Should You Care?

It would be an understatement to say that the way we work and conduct business online has changed drastically in the past decade. Today’s web caters less to traditional PC users and more to smartphone and tablet owners. This unfolding shift is having a major impact on e-commerce. As web users become increasingly mobile, the […]

What is a Responsive Website Design?

A responsive website design provides a way for web developers to make sites that respond differently depending on the browser loading their pages. Responsive design allows e-commerce sites, blogs and other websites to deliver full compatibility for a variety of different platforms and devices. How Responsive Web Design Works Every browser has its own unique […]