Top 5 E-Commerce Trends of 2013

If there’s one constant in the world of e-commerce, it’s change. It’s amazing how quickly a strategy can become obsolete while others step up to replace it. As e-commerce is in a state of perpetual flux, participants must stay on their toes to survive and thrive. Count on the following e-commerce trends to take center […]

What is

If you need to make a quick edit to one of your photos and you don’t want to deal with the trouble that a professional photo-editing program brings, then PicMonkey is the ideal website for you. Have you ever tried to mess around with the same kind of photo-editing software that professionals use? There’s a […]

Is PayPal Payments Standard or Pro right for you?

With the Internet so ripe for building your company and selling products or services, it only makes sense to let visitors of your website become customers. PayPal’s checkout system and payment services are popular because they require less technical knowledge and setup than other cart and checkout systems, but you’ll have to choose between PayPal’s […]

New Feature: Design Archive

A new features is now available for all users that allows you to archive your website design changes as you work.  Each time you save your changes, a new archive is created and up to ten versions can be saved at any one time.  Along with your ten most recent archives you will also […]

Do you qualify for a $10,000/month grant from Google?

If you are a non-profit and looking for ways to spread the word about your organization, Google now offers grants that provide you with a monthly fund to use on Adwords.  You fill out the necessary forms and Google will contact you with their decision.  Once you have been accepted you are eligible for up […]