Your Options For Processing Credit Cards

When it comes to selling products on your e-commerce website the one thing you will need is a way to process credit cards. We’ve integrated the most popular payment options into our service to make this as simple as possible, these options include PayPal, and PsiGate. Let’s take a closer look at each one […]

FREE Domain Names

When you first create your account with us you will be given a temporary subdomain to use for as long as you like but once you’ve activated your account by making your first payment you become eligible for a free domain name that we will register for you. The process is pretty simple as all […]

What is the real price of this service?

One of the most common questions I get is, “how much does this really cost?”  Today I will clarify our pricing structure and some other questions related to the cost of this service and doing business through this service. For starters, our monthly price is $29.95 and that includes everything talked about on the website. […]

Get Your E-Commerce Website For FREE

If you have a website with us already you might notice a link at the bottom of each page. While you do have the option to turn the link off, you might want to consider the benefit of leaving it there. For each visitor to your website that clicks the link and opens their own […]