5 Ways to Collect Testimonials and Reviews

Business owners build credibility when they utilize one of the following five ways to collect testimonials and reviews. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, placing customer commentary in a public forum reduces the doubt that typically accompanies unknown products and services. Merchants can generate beneficial feedback by embracing a hands-on approach or using methods that are more […]

Five Ways to Use Facebook to Grow Your Business

Gone are the days when door-to-door, face-to-face lead and customer generation were effective; even television advertisements are losing their stronghold as a profitable marketing tactic. Social media has swept today’s culture by storm, reinventing the way we communicate. From its meager inception, Facebook has developed into, by far, the hallmark of social networking platforms. Initially […]

Should you be blogging?

Blogging has definitely become a household word and a very common practice but is it something you should consider doing on your website?  While you might consider blogging to be more of a personal endeavor for high profile athletes and movie stars, there is a place for blogging as a tool for building your online business […]

Holiday Ideas to Boost Sales and Exposure

I recently watched a client boost their Facebook followers count and generate business with a very simple idea that anyone can implement.  Announce a group of prizes or discounts that you will be giving away by drawing names from your Facebook followers list.  This will encourage customers and potential customers to boost your social media […]

Using AddThis.com To Build Your Social Media Presence

What is AddThis? AddThis is a sharing tool that allows you to connect to hundreds of social media networks at the same time. With its tools, you can boost traffic to your social media website profiles and help to gain more followers. From Facebook to Pinterest, AddThis makes it easier for your readers to share […]