Ecommerce Trends In 2012

Ecommerce continues to grow exponentially as millions of customers incorporate digital technologies into their daily lives. One of the key factors driving ecommerce in 2012 is the extensive and expanding mobile market. Targeted and personalized marketing has evolved through the popularity of Facebook and Twitter. The continued interest in smart phones and tablets has also played […]

How to Set Up a Twitter Account for Your Business and Why It’s a Good Idea

Twitter is a free service that you can use to easily promote your business and gain access to high-level individuals that you might otherwise never be able to reach. CEOs, best-selling authors, actors and celebrities interact with their followers on Twitter, giving you the opportunity to make your business known not only to the public […]

Setting Up A Facebook Page For Your Business

A Facebook page for your business is a free way to promote your products and services. A Facebook page links to your personal account so that you can control both pages with the same login information. A business page works similarly to a personal page, so, if you already use Facebook, setting up another page […]

3 Reasons to Add Social Bookmarks to Your Ecommerce Website

Social Media isn’t just about connecting with old classmates or posting photo’s anymore. It is an ideal marketing space for businesses, especially ecommerce websites. Social Bookmarks are simple tabs an ecommerce website can add to their pages to link to their personal Facebook account, Twitter feed, linked in page, and more. They can be displayed […]