PayPal vs Merchant Accounts

So you’ve finally decided to get your new business online… you have your website up, product ready, marketing tweaked, and now all you have to do is wait for the orders to roll in. But wait, you still need a way to process those online orders. For most people, the decision falls between using PayPal […]

Product Options That Change The Price

We have an exciting new feature to announce that will change the way you work with InstantEcom. Recently our programmers added the ability for you to create different prices for your product options. For example, if you are selling t-shirts and want to charge more for an XXL, you no longer have to create a […]

Webmail Comes With Every Account

When you create your account with us and setup a custom domain name (example:, you will have the ability to create up to 5 email accounts with the option to add more for $1 a month per address. Creating email addresses is done in your dashboard where you can set passwords and edit existing […]

Recommend Products To Your Visitors

We now have a simple and easy way for you to recommend related products to your shoppers when they are viewing a product. This works similar to how Amazon is setup where your shoppers are shown a series of related products when they are viewing the product detail. The idea is to provide more options […]

Get Your E-Commerce Website For FREE

If you have a website with us already you might notice a link at the bottom of each page. While you do have the option to turn the link off, you might want to consider the benefit of leaving it there. For each visitor to your website that clicks the link and opens their own […]