Five Ideas For Getting Links To Your Site

The best way to generate traffic to your website or blog is to create as many inbound links to your site as possible. However, this can seem confusing to those who are new to the online marketing world. To help you get started, here are five ideas for getting inbound links to your website. Directories […]

The Bing Search Results Explained

After billing itself as a “decision engine” and allowing searchers to customize backgrounds, Bing has carved a niche as a more personable search engine than some. And it’s not that different from other search engines, either. Local Results Bing attempts to determine your location to provide you with local results. You may see a second […]

The Benefits of Offering Free Shipping

Although the principle may seem economically counterintuitive, offering free shipping is a remarkably effective method to use for strumming up an increasingly active consumer base. This guide details the copious advantages that online merchants can benefit from by including significant mailing discounts for large purchases. The key to a successful implementation involves fine-tuning the rate […]

Marketing Your Website: David vs Goliath

When marketing your website through search engines, avoid focusing on high competition terms. Instead, look for descriptive phrases that will be easier to rank in search engine, especially if you are a small business on a limited budget. Focus on Good Phrases One thing to remember is that keyword is a bit of a misnomer, […]

Which style of website builder is right for you?

Though building a website can seem like a difficult task at the outset, it’s actually quite a bit easier than writing computer programs thanks to many kinds of automatic website builders. While website builders don’t give you as much control overall website as you would have if you built it yourself from scratch, they give […]