Custom Web Design for a Great Price

The internet is becoming a more and more important part of the business and the personal world. Everyone and their cat, it seems, has their own blog or website. And while it is vital for your business to have its own place on the web, it can also be easy for your site to lost among the billions of others. There are lost of website hosts that will give you a template and let you build your own basic site for minimal effort, but a cookie-cutter site won’t bring any attention to your business. If you’re serious about wanting to give your business or blog an online presence, it’s time to hire a custom web designer.

A custom web design will help your page stand out. Your customers or clients will feel they are working with a higher level professional if your website impresses them. Web design impressions matter, and with a little help from a web designer, you can be well on your way to impressing your customer base and being more successful.

Services are never free, right? So, you might wonder how much you’re looking to spend on a service that can bring so much success to your website. How does $499 sound? Does it seem like a lot to you? Well, let’s look at your other options.

If you look around for a web designer who will set up a page for you, you might be looking anywhere from $50 an hour (and who knows how long they will work…) to $2000 a project. Many web designers charge a base fee for the simplest of designs and charge more the more detail you want. Some even charge extra if you want your logo on the page! Not to mention, often times you will need to pay this person for any updates you wish to make to your website.

Webmasters work similarly. You pay them slightly longer term to basically run your website for you. Sure, it saves you a lot of time, but webmasters are not cheap. They charge per hour or sometimes per page, and they have complete control of you or your company’s web presence. If you need a tiny update, you have to get hold of your webmaster and let them handle it when they have time.

With this $499 custom web design, you’re getting something entirely different. You pay this base price to have a professional set up a website how you want it. The design will be applied to a CMS (content management system) and afterward, you will be able to do updates and changes all on your own. Your changes can happen right when you want them. The online interface for the CMS is user-friendly and easy to navigate. It puts you in control of your online presence.

Take control, take pride in your website, and save money. $499 is the best deal you’ll find out there for all you’re getting.