Domain Names Explained

There are only a few options when deciding how to display your website address to your visitors. A website url may look simple to the viewer, but it is actually comprised of a very organized system. Custom domains, subdirectories and subdomains are all available for those that want to build their own little space on the web.

Custom Domains: (
A custom domain is what is usually seen in the address bar of a website’s homepage. It typically has “www.” in front of it and is followed by an extension, such as .com or .net. A hosting service must provide the user with server space on which to host the custom domain so that it will be viewable on the Internet. The price for custom domains varies from free to about $50 a month depending on what the package contains. Smaller packages are ideal for smaller websites that do not intend to add many pages in the future. Other packages offer email addresses, shopping carts and unlimited pages.

With our website building service you get a FREE custom domain name when you become a paying customer. You can also use a custom domain name you already own by making a few changes to your domain name registration.

Subdomains: (
Subdomains are becoming increasingly popular with web developers and are free with the purchase of a custom domain. Instead of creating multiple folders for one website, subdomains allow information to be tied directly to the custom domain. This means search engines display the site more frequently, therefore giving the website more exposure. Subdomains work especially well for larger companies and websites that may have difficulty organizing a large amount of information into subdirectories.

When it is entered into the address bar, the subdomain appears before the custom domain. The subdomain gives owner the ability to post more information in easily stored categories, whereas using subdirectories might be too confusing.

In our system you are automatically assigned a subdomain when you create your account and you can use that address to have instant access to your website. You are not required to keep using this subdomain, it is simply a free service to get you started while you work on your website and decide what custom domain you want to use.

Subdirectories: (
Subdirectories help web designers organize information into different folders. These folders then appear on the web as separate pages. It appears in the address bar after the custom domain and usually follows a forward slash. Subdirectories help the owner of the website divide inventory or information so that the shopper or viewer can find what he needs more easily. A subdirectory is ideal for smaller businesses or personal websites that do not have a large number of items to organize, but it can also be used by larger corporations.

Subdirectories are usually free with the purchase of a custom domain although the number of allocated subdirectories may be limited. The contract should stipulate the number of subdirectories it allows.

Our system does not allow you to name your own subdirectories but will automatically create them for you depending on the type of page you are using.