Easily Add a Blog to Your Website Now

Our programmers have been hard at work developing the features you’ve requested most and recently they launched the new Blog page. This new feature allows you to add a Blog to your website with a single click and then let’s you control how the titles and other components are displayed. Font size, type and style can be edited to blend your new blog into the rest of your website. As expected, each post will have its own unique url and will be automatically archived and linked to from the sidebar menu.

Now you can have all the features and benefits of a blog without having to link to a Blogger account or WordPress site which are both notorious for being hacked and ruined. The security of our blog feature, along with all our features, is top notch and will not leave your website open for exploitation.

Try it out today! Simply log into your Dashboard, click “add a page”  and choose “Blog.” That’s it!