FAQ: Can I use my existing domain name with the InstantEcom service?

Our InstantEcom e-commerce website building software allows you to use a custom domain name of your choice. We know you expect your website to show up like other websites so you can either register a custom domain name for FREE with us or use a domain name you already own. What confuses people sometimes is that when we initially set your website up we ask that you give it a name (example: hiddentreasures) and that name is used to get your started by creating a subdomain for instant access (example: hiddentreasures.instantecom.net). You are free to use this subdomain but most people want a custom domain name and we realize that.

You have two choices for setting up a custom domain name to use with our service.

1. Register a domain through us for FREE. This option is available to all paying customers but can only be used once. You simply surf to the “domain and email” section of your dashboard and enter the domain name you want to register, if it is available then we register and configure it for you.  You’re done!

2. You already own a custom domain name you have registered elsewhere like godaddy or network solutions. Log in to your account with them and update your nameservers (also called DNS) to use our information:
Once you have done this you can then surf to the “domain and email” section of your InstantEcom dashboard and enter your domain name. The change will take 24-72 hours to completely update at which point your website will show up as expected when you surf to your custom domain name.