Get your website for FREE!?

We understand the need to keep your expenses low while you build and manage your online business so along with our already low prices and discounts for longer payment terms we also offer referral bonuses when you send us new clients.  You might notice at the bottom of your website pages that there is a link that says something like, “Powered by Instantecom home page software;” having this link on your pages is the default setting.  If someone visiting your website clicks on that link and subsequently becomes a paying customer, you will get five credits towards your monthly bill and each credit equals one dollar.  Once you have accumulated enough credits to cover one month of service you can contact support and request that the credits be applied in place of your next payment.  You can also find a referral link in your Dashboard under the “account/get a free website” menu options, this link can be shared directly with others through email or by creating a hyperlink on your website.

Our goal is for you to be happy and successful with our service and to reward you for sharing that experience with others.  Please contact us if you have any questions about how the referral program works or how you can modify the wording of the referral link on your website.