How to Choose a Domain Name

Building a professional looking and useful website for your business is a great way to hook in new customers and provide them with useful information about your business. However, one of the most difficult choices to make when making a website is what to name it. You need a domain name that is available for use, memorable, unique and easy to link to. Choosing a domain name may seem difficult, but as long as you keep a few key tips in mind, you’ll be able to make a great domain name for your business.

Quick and Easy

A domain name should be short and easy to spell. Hardly anyone wants to sit there and try to remember some long complicated website address when they want to visit a site. People want a site name that is quick to type into the address bar and easy to remember. A good domain name should be around seven to ten characters long.

Avoid Words that are Easy to Misspell or Easily Confused with Another Word

If you wanted your site name to be something like, you’d need to specify a few things about your domain name when you advertise it. You’d have to tell your customers that the four needs to be in number form, not spelled out. You also may need to tell people that the “you” part of that name is spelled out, not the letter U. Having a domain name with easily misspelled or confused words can make your customers frustrated. It’s best to have a domain name that is easy to spell and difficult to confuse with another word.

It’s also a good idea to avoid using hyphens. It’s very easy to forget a hyphen when typing in a website address.

Being Memorable

One of the trickiest aspects to choosing a domain name is choosing one that will really stick in people’s minds. When you believe you have a domain name picked out, say it out loud. Is it easy to say? Would you remember it in a few days or even a few hours? Does it sound awkward? These are all important things to consider when making a memorable domain name.

Rhymes easily stick in people’s heads. In addition, they can easily be placed in a jingle if you ever make a commercial. Jingles make memorable domain names even more memorable.

Silly names are also good because they’re unique and new. This allows them to easily stick out in a person’s mind and makes your business stand out in the crowd. However, this could backfire on you. Silly names usually don’t allow the visitor to know anything about the business before they view the website through a search engine.

Making Your Domain Name SEO Friendly

If you’re more about getting hits on a search engine than being catchy, SEO domain names are the right route to take. SEO domain names obviously need to be easy to search for in a search engine. To achieve this, make your domain name something descriptive. For example, your website could be This is a descriptive domain name that is fairly quick and easy to remember.

If you know of a search keyword that is constantly used when finding businesses like yours, try to include that keyword in the domain name.

Copyrights and Available Domain Names

When you want to make a new domain name, input the name in an online domain name checker to see if it is available for use. There are millions of domain names taken on the Internet. Ensure that your idea is not taken before trying to register it.

You are free to slightly change a domain name idea before registering it to get an available domain, but avoid accidentally infringing on another company’s copyrights. If your domain name is only slightly different than a copyrighted domain name, you might end up in legal trouble with the company.

Finally, remember that not only will your domain name be with you for a while, but you’re also paying to have that domain name. Choose wisely, and ensure that the domain name that you’ve selected is the one that you truly want. With a good domain name selected and registered, you are free to launch your new website.