How to submit a website to Yahoo!

Submit your website to Yahoo!In an effort to attract as many quality visitors as possible you will want to submit your website to Yahoo!’s index. The process is fairly simple and requires just a few steps but Yahoo! is unique in that it requires you to log in to your Yahoo! account in order to submit your website. Once you have established your account with Yahoo! you can finish up with the following steps:

1. Surf to

2. On he left side of the screen in the menu click “Submit your site.”

3. Now in the middle of the page click “Submit a Website or Webpage.”

4. Enter your full URL into the field. (example:

5. Click the “Submit URL” button.

Once the process is complete it will tell you to wait several weeks before expecting your website to show up in their search results. There is also a list of other Yahoo! services to submit your website to so, now that you’re registered, be sure to take advantage of as many of them as possible.