How To Write Successful Product Descriptions (part 3/3)

Don’t Be a Farmer!
What is farming? It’s providing low-information, minimal or generic product descriptions and/or lifting descriptions from product manufacturers’ or other ecommerce sites, a form of plagiarism. One downside to farming is that your site simply will not draw much interest. It will seem generic and boring, and so will your product.

But there’s an even more compelling reason to make the extra effort and spend the extra time to write fresh, lively, original and compelling descriptions. In 2011, Google began employing the “Farmer Algorithm.” Google uses the Farmer Algorithm to establish its search rankings by weeding out sites whose content shows up repeatedly on other sites, and by rewarding higher quality sites that present original content. If your goal is to show up higher in search engine rankings than your competitors do, you may as well not even try if you’re simply going to provide bland descriptions or steal other peoples’ descriptions. Whatever extra time you spend tailoring and customizing and enlivening the language of your product descriptions will pay off with higher rankings.

Do Include Key Words…Judiciously
Speaking of search engines, you probably already know that a key factor in how well your site scores in search rankings is the use of keywords. They’re important, yes, but don’t overdo it. Google and other search engines are wickedly “smart,” and if you over pad your descriptions or website with key words, it will work against you. Not only that, it will become clear to any site visitors that you’re simply trying to game the system and don’t truly believe in your product. People don’t want to feel scammed. So, yes, by all means incorporate key words into your product descriptions and other website text, but do so in a natural way. In terms of search results, quality is better than quantity.

Now…Start Writing!
Now that you know more about how to write successful product descriptions, sit down and start writing. Believe it or not, by following these tips you’ll find the writing more fun and rewarding. There’s nothing worse than trying to write about something that bores you, and to do it in a boring way. Have fun with it. Go out on some language-use limbs, be creative, take some chances, make things lively, provide good entertainment value. Your extra effort will pay dividends at the check out cart!