How To Write Successful Product Descriptions (part 2/3)

Know What Your Customers Want or Need
Now that you’ve done the research to understand your target audience, put yourselves in their shoes. What drives your decision-making when you shop? Most certainly it’s good value. The cost value of what you’ll get for your money, sure, but also the value that product will add to your life.

What do you see as your product’s greatest value? How and why would it benefit you to own the product that you’re selling? How would it make your life easier or better? How would it solve your problem(s)? How would it meet your needs? This may be the most important consideration of all. Most people know these things intuitively, but don’t necessarily think about them concretely. More often than not they are motivated by feeling, rather than rational analysis. And what moves them most to feel that they want to buy your product is the value it will bring to their lives. Will it help them save money through continued use? Will it add special excitement to their lives? Will it make tedious or laborious tasks easier and more interesting? As you write and revise your product descriptions, continue to focus on the key notion of value.

Help Your Customer’s Feel the Product
As noted above, people who are searching for things they want to buy and own tend to operate on the deepest level out of feelings rather than on basic facts. So, in writing your descriptions, work to make it easy for them to feel. Appeal to their emotions—for example, adventure, freedom, pride in their good taste or in how others will view them favorably. And appeal to their senses, especially touch and sight. Is it a hefty sturdy shoe that will provide good protection as well as comfort, or is it a light shoe that will make one feel like they’re walking on air? Are the colors bright and bold or soft and soothing? Obviously, if you’re selling scented candles it will be important to describe the scents in ways that will conjure up customer’s sense of smell, or if audio products describe the variety of sound colors the product will produce.