Do You Need A Custom Built Website?

There’s no denying that a custom built website has a good deal of appeal. Seeing a site made to your exact specifications instills an enormous amount of pride and has the potential to draw in a lot of traffic. But is a custom built website really necessary? Could your goal be achieved by going to a website builder and creating a site from a template?

Truthfully? It all depends.

Say you’re a small business that’s already established but needs an online presence. You want something that will be easy to manage on your own without a lot of technical knowledge and can get up and running in a reasonable amount of time. For your needs, a website builder is likely the option you want to take. On the other hand, if you’re a big time business looking to make a lasting impression the moment a user accesses your website, a custom built website might be the better route.

Well, easy as it may be to say that, there really are more factors at work than that.

Why Choose A Custom Built Website

The benefits of having a custom built website is having a unique look that can’t easily be found elsewhere. A custom built website can be carefully thought out to look precisely how you want, and in the right hands can be made to grow along with your business. Custom built websites will also have more flexibility in its functions. With it being a unique website, it will allow it to appear more easily on search engines.

As good as it sounds, all of this is only possible with a lot of work and maintenance. Building a custom website requires a healthy knowledge of code and plenty of time to construct and debug it. Because of this, custom built websites tend to be pricey, especially if someone is needed to maintain it as well.

Why Choose A Website Builder/Content Management System Platform

The biggest appeal for CMS platforms and website builders is ease of use and affordability. Many feature drag and drop editing to take the pain of out creation and cost less than custom built websites. The base code has already been created for you; all that leaves is filling in your personal content to customize to your needs. This allows a site to be created quickly and smoothly.

Unfortunately, using a template means your site will likely share its appearance with other business. To add a more unique look, you can hire a designer to tweak the code or rework it yourself if you’re knowledgeable. A CMS platform such as WordPress will require manual updating to maintain security, while website builders (like Weebly) update automatically and therefore are more secure. Most site builders work on all browsers and platforms, and will offer search engine optimization options to increase visibility.

Think carefully about what your needs are before choosing what type of website to have. In the end, you get what you pay for.