Product Options That Change The Price

We have an exciting new feature to announce that will change the way you work with InstantEcom. Recently our programmers added the ability for you to create different prices for your product options. For example, if you are selling t-shirts and want to charge more for an XXL, you no longer have to create a separate product, you can simply add a dropdown option with a new price. This change will allow you to more easily manage your product catalog by reducing the number of variations you must enter into the system. Here are some ways to make use of this new feature:

1. Different prices for clothing sizes.

2. Unique prices for jewelry materials like gold, silver and platinum.

3. Sell various quantities of a product with discounts.

We’ve had lots of requests for this feature to be added so now is the time to take advantage of this feature and make your customer’s shopping experience that much more satisfying.

So how do you use this feature?

Simply log in to your dashboard as you normally do and when you are editing your products you’ll notice the option for a “variant” – this is the option that allows you to create price options.