Setting Up A Facebook Page For Your Business

A Facebook page for your business is a free way to promote your products and services. A Facebook page links to your personal account so that you can control both pages with the same login information. A business page works similarly to a personal page, so, if you already use Facebook, setting up another page to promote your business is very simple. For businesses, Facebook also offers helpful tools, such as advertising and the ability to put a Facebook “Like” button on your business page.

Setting Up An Account
Setting up your business page is a simple process. From you select “Create a Page” and then click on either the “Local Business” or “Organization” option, depending on the size of your business. Select your industry type, enter your company name and put in your business address. Facebook will then ask for your existing personal account information and use that information to create your business page. 

Creating a Page
The process of creating a business page is similar to that of setting up a personal page. You can choose a profile picture, upload photos, add videos, and chat with friends from your personal account. Note that your friends on your personal account to do not become friends of your business page. A business page does not have friends; it has “fans”. Fans are people who support your business by using the Facebook like button. You need 25 people to like your page before it becomes fully activated and is shown to the public. You can get likes by inviting friends to like your page using the “Invite Friends” tool.

Getting Fans
Facebook has several tricks for attracting fans. One way is to promote your business page with an ad. You can choose to run a small ad on the right hand side of the page or pay to have a sponsored story. Sponsored stories show up more on people’s News Feeds. You should choose this option if you have an interesting story or status update to share that will attract visitors to your page. A regular Facebook ad works best to promote your website, page or an upcoming event. You can also select which landing page you want your ad to show on, such as Wall, Info or Photos.

Request a basic html code to embed a Facebook like button into your business website. This way, people can like your business page from your business website. When someone likes your page, your posts start showing up on their News Feed just like your posts on your personal page show up on the News Feed of your friends. It also makes your business look more popular when you have more likes.

Facebook also sends you weekly updates so that you can keep track of how many people liked your page, visited your page and commented on your posts each week, in comparison to the week before. This helps you identify what is working and what is not.

One way to make your business page stand out is to make use of the row of pictures at the top of the page. Most people allow these pictures to change and load randomly. You can ensure that only your best business photos show up to fans by hiding all the photos as they show up. Simply click the “X” in the top right hand corner of the picture. These photos are still viewable in your photo albums. They just won’t show up as one of your top pictures. Choose pictures that showcase your products, location or advertisements.

The best time to post status updates is 8AM. The worst time is 3PM. Do not even bother posting in the afternoon as hardly anyone will see it and, consequently, no one will share it. You want people to share your posts because it encourages new people to check out your page. Also, weekends are the time people share the most. Finally, posting every other day is just as effective as posting daily, so don’t overdo it. Take your time and think up positive, funny and intriguing posts, rather than putting up as many as you can.