Should you be blogging?

Blogging has definitely become a household word and a very common practice but is it something you should consider doing on your website?  While you might consider blogging to be more of a personal endeavor for high profile athletes and movie stars, there is a place for blogging as a tool for building your online business and presence.  A blog is simply a more automated way of organizing your thoughts so that others, including search engines, can easily access it.  There are plenty of options out there for those interested in trying their hand at writing as well as the blogging tool built into the software but it’s up to you to decide which tool works best.

Picking a blogging platform is the easy part while actually and consistently adding content to your site is definitely more involved.  I recommend you start with an attainable goal like one blog post per week.  You don’t want to start off strong with a flurry of entries followed by a long lapse in activity.  Some blogging tools allow you to enter multiple posts and set a date for them to be published, this way you can take advantage of moments of inspiration without worrying about overdoing it.  If you find yourself consistently posting one entry a week over the course of a few months then start throwing in an extra post every couple weeks.  The idea is that the search engines will start to notice a steady flow of fresh content and visit your site more regularly, adding all your new content to the search engine results and ultimately generating more traffic.

The goal of blogging is to establish yourself as an authority on the subject matter related to your website and products.  If you’re selling shoes then you’ll want to find topics relevant to the shoe industry, feet, running and even socks… be creative with it and you’ll naturally touch on keywords that will support the overall theme of your website.  As you slowly fill your web site with quality content you can start looking for conversations on the internet to participate in where you can reference your own blog posts and generate links back to your content and interest in your writing.

For those who have trouble making time to write brief articles, there are services out there where you can post a request for a writer to produce and article on a topic of your choice.  After the article has been checked for authenticity, you simply pay the writer at which point you own the content and can add it to your site.

The bottom line is that aside from the basic information you provide about your website and services, you should be regularly producing fresh, original content that is filled with relevant keywords to support your overall website theme.  Blogging is just a the most convenient way of accomplishing this and if you can get into the habit of one post a week, you will definitely see positive benefits and an overall increase in your search engine rankings.