Top 5 E-Commerce Trends of 2013

If there’s one constant in the world of e-commerce, it’s change. It’s amazing how quickly a strategy can become obsolete while others step up to replace it. As e-commerce is in a state of perpetual flux, participants must stay on their toes to survive and thrive. Count on the following e-commerce trends to take center stage in 2013.

Lessened Importance of SEO
While content marketing has become more popular in recent years, the effectiveness of traditional SEO has simultaneously decreased. Search engines have gotten a lot better at understanding content found around the web. Nowadays, publishers of quality content don’t have to resort to tricks like keyword stuffing and link-building campaigns to stand out.

More Local, More Social
The biggest growth sector for e-commerce in general these days is the local market. Using social media sites like Google+, Foursquare and Yelp to court potential customers and clients is what’s hot nowadays. SoLoMo, short for “social, local and mobile” in marketing speak, will be increasingly used to aggressively target specific local consumer demographics.

Diversified Payment Options
Above all else, consumers value choice. Offering them a slew of different payment methods is often a good way to clinch sales. The more options you support, the greater the odds are that your customers will choose you over your competition. In 2013, expect to see far more companies accepting a wider array of diverse payment options ranging from Bitcoin to Dwolla.

The Rise of M-Commerce
Get used to this new buzzword because it’s not going anywhere. Basically, it’s all about using responsive design to create interfaces and purchasing gateways that display the same on any displays of all sizes and facilitate easy transactions. With more and more people doing their shopping on phones and tablets, M-commerce is already exploding.

More Video Marketing
Thanks to ever more powerful mobile devices and cheap bandwidth, video has become the premier medium for marketing businesses and products. In particular, YouTube marketing allows companies of all sizes to boost conversion rates and capitalize on multimedia to spread their message. If you’re not yet using video marketing, now is the time to get started.

Mastering the New E-Commerce Reality
Hitting the moving target that is e-commerce has never been an easy task. Staying abreast of changes in progress is really the only way to remain relevant and keep up with the competition. If you jump on these trends now, you’ll have a significant advantage over businesses that don’t recognize new e-commerce paradigms.