Top Three Online Form Builders

The custom form builder is a great tool, included with your account and should meet most all your needs but sometimes you have very specific needs so we’ve come up with what we think are the top three all around best alternative form builders. Choosing the best form builder for your site and your needs may seem challenging at first but if you’re clear on what you need and have a set budget in mind, you don’t have to spend all of your time searching. Even better, we’ve taken the leg-work off your hands by researching and reviewing the most popular form builders. All three of these options allow you to build your forms and then embed the code directly into your pages using our site builder.

Why Purchase a Form Builder?

First, if you’re new to web design and are unsure of what we mean by “form building” it’s simply a way to populate and embed anything from contract information to registration information, into your site. While it’s true some websites are designed with form capabilities (many ecommerce sites, for instance), many people find that they need a more powerful and flexible option, as there site, business and traffic grow. Webmasters use form builders for the following, to name a few:

  • Survey feedback
  • Gathering information for a site’s email list
  • Commerce transactions
  • Registration, Application information

If you run a small site, chances are you may not need to analyze much infomation at first. But as your business grows, the ability to integrate and understand user information becomes more important.

Below are our top picks that are versatile enough for most users needs, from a large or comfortable budget to a modest budget.

1. Comfortable Budget: WuFoo

Of all three, WuFoo is the priciest,ranging from free, with limited capability, up to $199.00/monthly. That’s because it’s a well-known, popular form builder due to it’s ease of “drag-and-drop” build capabilities. When you build the site, WuFoo automatically creates the “behind-the-scenes” script and works off of their own server, creating a hassle-free experience for users.

WuFoo works seamlessly with Paypal and Google Checkout to provide easy commerce transactions, too. Once you opt for a paid plan, the services provided are stellar: unlimited reports, multi-users, additional encrypting customization and even the option to work on your own server-side, with CSS and HTML mark-up for free.

2. Mid-Level Budget: JotForm

JotForm’s been around for a little while. We’d recommend the lower-end pricing option for new users, or those with a fledgling sites, not for a high traffic site, at first. That’s because JotForm is free to you for the first 100 form subscribers. After that, pricing is anywhere from $9.95 a month to $49.95 a month.

JotForm advertises and prides itself on this, so that users pay only for what they need, thereby eliminating unnecessary costs. Unlike WuFoo, up to a point, there are no ads to throw-off user experience. For about $10.00 per month, users can get the following:

  • 1000 monthly submissions
  • Unlimited Forms and Reports
  • 10GB of Space

Although JotForm was originally developed for Webmasters, their user experience has evolved to include a drag-and-drop build option, accessible to most anyone. As with WuFoo, JotForm also works on their own server and they also allow for secure transmission options.

For the price, a long-standing name in the industry and flexible options, we think JotForm is a great choice.

3. Bare-Bones Budget: Zoho (free)

To be clear, Zoho offers many other option than just its free package. But we’re choosing the free package because of its capability (in comparison to other free options).

  • Drag and Drop Capability
  • 1,000 records-Unlimited Standard Forms
  • 200MB storage
  • Up to 3 Users

What’s great about Zoho is if you do opt to upgrade, for a mere $25.00 month, storage increases to 10,000 records, 1GB, and backup support. Like JotForm, Zoho’s been around for a long time and is a trusted name for embedded forms.

When choosing a form builder for your budget, these three options give you everything you need to create great looking, embedded forms and get then information you need for whether for business, event planning or blog.