Using To Build Your Social Media Presence

What is AddThis?

AddThis is a sharing tool that allows you to connect to hundreds of social media networks at the same time. With its tools, you can boost traffic to your social media website profiles and help to gain more followers. From Facebook to Pinterest, AddThis makes it easier for your readers to share your content and join your social networks.

When you install AddThis on your website, a sharing toolbar will appear with each post, as well as on designated pages. The toolbar contains the recognizable icons of the top social mediate sites. It is automatically personalized to show the sites that are most popular with each Internet user. When readers find interesting content on your site, they can share it by clicking on the social media button of their choice. AddThis will automatically connect and allow that user to share content with their social network.

AddThis also includes a “Follow Us” toolbar, which you can personalize to link to your profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and more. To join your network, users need only to click a button.

With AddThis, you don’t need to worry about typing out long links or inserting special code into each post. Once the service is installed, that’s it–the sharing and following toolbars will show up on each post without any further action. AddThis leaves you more time to focus on providing great, relevant content that your customers will want to share with their friends, colleagues and family members.

Increase Social Media Followers

Social media is an increasingly powerful player in the marketing arena. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow you to interact with current and potential customers on a personal, comfortable and more intimate level. When used effectively, social media sites can strengthen customer relationships, increase awareness, build name recognition, drive more traffic to your site and, of course, ultimately increase sales.

One of the secrets to social media marketing success is increasing the number of people that follow you. The more friends and followers you have, the easier it is to get your message out.

AddThis offers an easy way for readers to join your social media networks and to share interesting content with theirs. When they do, your content will be visible to people in their full networks, and the increased visibility will encourage more people to join your network. AddThis is an easy, effective and efficient way to harness the power of social networking.

Data Tracking

With the AddThis’ built-in real-time analytics, you’ll be able to gather a more in-depth understanding of your audience. Each time a user shares your content, AddThis tracks the action. When you log in to the analytics site, you can see what content is most popular, which social networks users are most often frequenting and how often users post. AddThis enables real-time tracking, which allows you to spot trends as they are happening. With these valuable insights into your audience, you can tailor your content to better meet your customers’ needs.

Installation and Setup

AddThis is easy to install and set up, no matter what your skill level. Its tools can be customized quickly, allowing you to guide readers toward your preferred social networks in no time at all. Its extensive support resource database will help you get the most out of your AddThis experience, and its support forum offers quick, responsive assistance.