Web Designer, Website Builder or both?

In the modern era of web development, anyone can create a functional, visually attractive website. What was considered largely impossible just 20 years ago is now incredibly simple. However, what many fail to realize is that while using a website builder platform to create a website is a fantastic option, there is no replacement for skilled web development. Trained web designers can attract viewers, improve function and increase sales. There is a very real difference between a site made by the common blogger and someone that has invested thousands of hours into their craft.

Distinguishing Factors of a Quality Site

When it comes to developing a website, all content is inseparably linked to the basic layout of the site. If a site offers premium products, the design of that site needs to reflect that level of quality. Often times, businesses will try to save money by doing the work themselves. In these circumstances, poor design often leads to a loss in customers that will far outweigh the cost of the design.

When it comes to a professionally designed site, some of the most important distinguishing factors are loading speed, proper formatting and ease of use. While this may seem like a short list, the reality is that students spend years learning how to optimize these factors. Unfortunately, the idea that a professional-quality site can be generated by anyone is nothing more than a selling point for marketers. Yes, a functional site can easily be produced by a web site building platform, but there is far more to the art of web design than the most easily visible elements.

A Professional Touch

The value in professional design can be subtle or blatantly obvious. For example, the color choice of a website might be a little bit jarring for viewers. If the color choice used does not initially please a viewer’s eyes, it probably never will. These subtle nuances might seem insignificant, but major companies like Amazon pay premium rates to research these factors. They have an noticeable impact.

In the case of more obvious value, a web designer can often find the ideal place for important buttons. When a few clicks are the difference between a good week and a bad week, buttons play a major role in the success of a site. Everything from advertisements to checkout buttons need to be located in the most strategically sound place for optimal function and profit. It is highly unlikely that an untrained person is getting the most out of their site without having the ability to skillfully manage elements of a site like these. This is where a professional web designer shines and a great reason to enlist a designer to help you tweak your template to be original and engaging.

Hiring a web designer is a simple choice. If a site has been reviewed, improved, modernized and maintained, it is probably pretty close to perfect. If it has been thrown together through a site builder without any professional care or attention, it’s probably time to speak with someone that’s spent at least a few years designing and developing.