Website Builder vs Custom Website

A professional website is a necessity in today’s marketplace. You have several options that make building your own user-friendly website easy and affordable. Learning more about the pros and cons of website builders, custom built sites and whether you should customize a builder template yourself that can help you achieve the best of both worlds.

Website Builder Vs. A Custom Built Website

A website builder is often included in the price of your domain name and contains templates that simply need content to be ready to publish. A website builder has the advantage of getting your site online quickly without the need for any prior experience in building a site. Website builders are best for smaller, less complicated websites. One disadvantage is that you may not be able to change the color themes or other features that are preprogrammed into the themes available without help.

Even if you want to use a template, a custom built website gives you more control over the look and function of your website. A custom built website can easily be changed to fit your specifications and is more flexible than a website builder when you want to achieve a specific look. Additionally, and perhaps most important, a custom website is designed to be SEO friendly based on your specific business. An SEO friendly website may be beneficial when you want high page rankings in search engines. Custom built websites can also utilize Java and other coding more readily than a website builder. Another option is to customize the templates that are available on your website builder.

Customizing Website Builder Templates

Customizing website builder templates offers you more flexibility than using a basic template. Although this option isn’t as flexible as hiring a custom website team for your project, it does have some advantages. If you are familiar with some basic programming languages, you can change the colors and features of the template to set your website apart from others who may be using the same templates. In a highly competitive online marketplace, originality is important. This option is ideal when you find a template that you really like but don’t want your website to be too similar to others.

You will need to decide which of these options is best before your website is published. You may opt to use a basic template while your custom site is being built, or you may want to have a website designer customize an available template to meet your specific needs. While free templates are the most affordable option for a small business or individual, there are some definite advantages to having a custom site built if you want to expand your business and draw in more customers.