Where Does Your Website Traffic Come From?

The world is rapidly moving forward as new innovations and technologies continue to be breathed into existence and adapted to the needs and wants of consumers across the globe. It was Google and Facebook and Twitter. Now, no one yet knows what the next juggernaut might be, but we can be sure it will work hand in hand with the world wide web as business has increasingly moved into that space. And in this age of the internet, it is just as important to understand one’s internet customers as one’s “real life” customers.

The service most famous for having provided such understanding is Google Analytics, an branch of Google that aimed to offer the insights and answers to further mold connections with a brand – whether it be a website or mobile application – and its consumer, improving functionality, pushing traffic and boosting sales. Google Analytics has remained most popular with features such as audience data and reporting where you can focus on the sort of people your website’s visitors are, where they come from, how loyal they are, and how they have found you. But as the need for knowledge has grown, Google Analytics has lost half a step, for example providing less and less specifics about what keywords are bringing in traffic. Following are a few other services that have picked up the slack a bit.


Built specifically for “e-commerce” businesses that sell services and/or products through their website or app, MixPanel possibly stands at the top of the web analytics platform. With features such as automatically sending notifications to a website’s customers, customer groupings and the very useful customer lifetime value, MixPanel is designed to maximize the efficiency of one’s business in a way that other services are not. On the pricier side, however, paid accounts can be had for $150 a month while free service is available for up to 25,000 data points.  Integrating MixPanel into your e-commerce website is a simple process that will be worth the effort.


One complaint many users have with Google Analytics is that it lacks an intuitive sense, something the service Clicky has in abundance. The interface is straightforward and guides you to where you need to go, whether it be real-time analytics or funnel/path analysis. This notion to make the interface as simple as possible allows for a flexible mobile environment where you can still receive full functionality on the go. The free offerings – such as those already mentioned like real-time analytics – are worthwhile and the paid features, like heatmaps and split testing, which can run you up to $15.00 a month with Clicky’s Pro Plus account, add to the services stellar performance.


Similar to MixPanel, KISSMetrics seeks to help maximize a website’s conversion rate of visitors to customers, tracking the user from the moment they visit the website to the moment they either buy or don’t buy a product or service. Analyzing that data, KISSMetrics provides tools that tap into the most valuable referral sources and most widely taken order paths. The most important data point for an e-commerce business is that conversion rate and KISSMetrics is the service most focused on optimizing that stat with real-time analysis.

If you want to know where your traffic comes from – and if you’re running a business, you need to know – then there are plenty of tailored services that can fulfill that job.