What is the real price of this service?

One of the most common questions I get is, “how much does this really cost?”  Today I will clarify our pricing structure and some other questions related to the cost of this service and doing business through this service.

For starters, our monthly price is $29.95 and that includes everything talked about on the website.  All the features you read about, even domain name registration and e-commerce, are included.  You have 500 pages/products to build into your website using any combination of the features available (photo galleries, polls, forums, blogs, etc…).  If you find that you need more than 500 pages/products then you can increase your limits.  Here is a chart of what your standard limits are and what it costs to raise them:

The prices/limits above are current as of 10/12/2011.

We charge no setup fees and no transaction fees.

You can save money by paying in advance for your monthly fees.  If you pay quarterly you will save $5/month and if you pay by the year you save $10/month; which is where you get the $19.95/month.  If you register your domain name through us then we will even pay to register it and renew it each year you are a customer.  The savings to you and the simplicity of dealing with one company for all your needs is a huge advantage over the traditional route of using multiple companies to accomplish the same end result.