Your Website Design Options

There are three four options for managing the look of your website with, using a template, customizing an existing template, creating your own custom template or let us customize it for you.  All three options can be easily managed from your dashboard without affecting the content of the pages or the organization of the menu.  Let’s take a quick look at each option:

1. Using one of the existing templates.
We have over 1,750 templates to pick from that cover a wide range of themes and topics.  When you first create your account you will see only a handful of the designs available but this is only to help get you through the initial signup process after which you will have access to entire collection.  These designs are meant to be generic enough to apply to a wide range of industries and businesses but professional enough to provide a solid foundation for a fledgling website.

2. Customizing one of our 1,750+ templates.
Any of our design templates can be quickly and easily customized to meet your needs.  Using the design editor you can change colors, move menus, swap images and add your business name to the main header image of your site, all without using html code.  This is the most popular option because it is extremely easy to do and gives your website a little visual originality.

3. Creating your own custom template.
Once you are comfortable with some of the tools in the dashboard or if you already have experience working with some of the basic principles of html, you can further customize one of our templates or create your own from scratch.  The quickest and easiest way to customize your website is to create your own header image from images you have purchased or possibly photos you’ve taken yourself.  Background images and mouseover effects can also be edited to complete the transformation and really make your website your own.

4. Our $499 custom template upgrade.
If you aren’t feeling confident customizing your template, don’t have the time or want to cut to the chase, we also offer an extremely affordable $499 option.  Once you’re account is activated you can initiate this process by clicking on the option in your dashboard.  You will be paired with a designer and submit your ideas so we can get started with producing a design that suits your needs.  Part of the design process includes the layout of five pages of content to help with a more professional presentation of your information.


One thing to remember is that your design template changes do not affect the products data and other information you’ve entered into your pages.  Changing your design does not delete your products or pages so you can easily experiment with the templates and customizations without worry.  If you’ve “messed up” your template, simply find it in the library and choose it again and it will be reset.